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Asia is booming in online education

Bangkaa is dedicated to bring the best online education content to Asia. With our support, instructors and organizations can launch their courses easily in Asia without borders. 

Let's work together and make an impact with your amazing content!  

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Localize your courses and content with our local experts to multiple languages

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Launch your course with our hand-picked local partners & channels.

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Receive your passive income and monthly report from Bankaa while making positive impacts!

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"Throughout my journey at Udemy, I've learnt that Asia is a booming market for online education and people are constantly looking for great content to learn from. But it's still hard for people to access the latest content due to the language barriers and platforms' limitations.  

That's where Bangkaa comes in! 

We aim to bring the best courses to Asia and support instructors to leverage their knowledge.

Looking forward to working together!."

Wei Lee, Founder of Bangkaa

Ex- Market Manager, Taiwan & China @ Udemy


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